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European Studies

In order to be admitted to the preliminary year of the European Studies programme, students who attended secondary education in The Netherlands, must have obtained their secondary school diploma. Read more below.

Is European Studies something for you?

Students who want to be enrolled in the European Studies programme should be flexible and prepared to accept the challenge of studying abroad with people of many different cultural backgrounds. In order to successfully complete the study programme, you should be independent and mature enough to live in a foreign country.



Which admission requirements are for European Studies?

Admission for international students 

Generally speaking a secondary school diploma (e.g. Abitur, Fachhochschulreife or International Baccalaureate diploma) will give access to our study programme.

Language requirements
Candidates will have to prove that they have a good command of the English language and of a second language (out of German, French, Spanish or Dutch for non-native speakers).

  • EU/EEA students with a foreign diploma can be admitted when they passed English and a second language (German/French/Spanish/Dutch) as a final examination subject. Both languages should be mentioned on the transcripts that come with the diploma. 
  • Non-EU/EEA students are required to take an IELTS or TOEFL test to prove a good command of the English language. (IELTS score needs to be at least 6, a computer-based TOEFL score at least 213). Next to that, you need advanced knowledge of the first language you choose (at least at B1 level) and if your second language is German or French, at least at A2 level (CEFR). For Spanish or Dutch as a second language there are no prerequisites. We accept certificates of Goethe (German), DELF-DALF (French) or DELE (Spanish) at B1.

Immigration regulations
Don't forget to check the immigration regulations imposed by the Dutch authorities. Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a visa (MVV) for The Netherlands. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process; start your application process well in advance to avoid disappointment. Currently a visa and residence permit for non-EU citizens costs 500 euro.

Deadline for application
Applications for enrolment should be in our possession before 1 May. Late applications may be considered by the course management.

Diploma recognition
In co-operation with the NUFFIC, The Netherlands' Organization for International Co-operation in Higher Education, European Studies will assess the value of foreign diplomas. Information on recognition of diplomas for admission to Dutch universities of applied sciences can be found on the NUFFIC website.

Admission for Dutch students
In order to be admitted to the European Studies programme, students who attended secondary education in The Netherlands, must have obtained one of the following diplomas:

  • havo (senior general secondary education) or vwo (university preparatory education)
    A havo or vwo diploma, with English and a second foreign language (German, French or Spanish) as final examination subjects. 
  • mbo (senior secondary vocational education), level 4
    If you have an mbo diploma at level 4, you meet the requirements of the study programme. The chances to pass are realistic for students who have studied at least two foreign languages (including English) during the mbo level 4 study. Students with no or limited knowledge of German, French and/or Spanish are strongly advised not to choose this study programme. Students with an mbo diploma at level 4 may be invited to take a diagnostic admission exam or an interview.

21+ Exam
Exemption of the pre-university requirements is only possible on the basis of a binding admission examination. You are only eligible for this examination if you are 21 years of age or older.



Study check

After your enrollment in Studielink, you will receive a questionnaire from us. In this questionnaire we will ask you some questions on your educational background, on your personality and your motivation to enroll for European Studies. Based on your answers, the intake team may decide to invite you for an interview. This interview of approximately 30 minutes will take place in Maastricht, or via Skype for students currently living abroad. You will be contacted to set a date and time for the interview. After the questionnaire or the interview our intake team will give you a (non-binding) advice on your suitability for this programme.




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