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Visa and residence permit

International students are subject to the Dutch immigration procedures. These procedures can vary depending on your nationality.

Visa and/or residence permit

Generally speaking, most non-EU citizens will have to obtain a visa in their home country before they can travel to the Netherlands.
Some non-EU citizens do not need a visa. However, you will need a residence permit if you are going to stay in the Netherlands for more than three months. Team Immigration from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences will assist you with your application. After applying as a student in StudieLink you will receive an email with instructions.  
Please check our information document for the application deadlines, the requirements and the overall process. 

For questions, please contact Team Immigration at


Use the Residence Wizard

Please consult the Residence Wizard to check whether you need a visa and/or residence permit in the Netherlands.

Use the wizard


You can use this manual (pdf) to guide you through the online application process for your visa or residence permit.

Study Progress Report

All universities are obliged to send an annual report to the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND) regarding the study progress of the international students. You must obtain at least 50% of the total number of ECTS credits each academic year in order to be able to continue your study. If this requirement is not met, IND has the right to cancel your residence permit and you will be unable to stay in the Netherlands to finish your studies at Zuyd. It’s also not allowed to change your study programme to avoid this. 


We were informed by IND that they have received signals that students are being approached by an organisation pretending to be IND and they request a payment for legal fees or other costs. This is a scam! IND never directly approaches students, all payments to IND for legal fees are done via us, so you pay the fee to Zuyd only.