Zuyd's research centres

Zuyd's research centres stimulate the development, transfer and exchange of knowledge. They perform socially relevant applied research and advise companies and institutions. Research centres work together and with the study programmes. They are led by a researcher, a highly-qualified expert with extensive experience in education and research in a particular field. The following research centres have a website in English:

Healthcare and Well-being




Emmylou Beekman

Marianne Nieuwenhuijze
Ramon Daniëls
Susy Braun



Gino van Strijdonck

Nurhan Abujidi

Zeger Vroon
Kay Schröder

Hotel and Facility Management

Joop van Duren
Danny Han
Ankie Hoefnagels

International Business and Communication


Mark Pluymaekers 

Nikos Kalogeras




Ruth Benschop
Peter Missotten