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Autonomy and Participation for Persons with a Chronic Illness

Autonomy and Participation for Persons with a Chronic Illness

The Research Centre for Autonomy and Participation for Persons with a Chronic Illness performs activities which help to ensure that chronically ill people or frail elderly can live the life they would like.

Our research group is formed by scientific doers. Research is conducted precisely by the rules of the trade, but only if the professional practice needs it.

Our research topics are both interesting as relevant for healthcare professionals. Lecturers of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences conduct research together with healthcare professionals out of the workplace. Clients are also involved as much as possible. The research results are used immediately in the daily healthcare practice and healthcare education at Zuyd University: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Biometrics and Nursing. 

(Associate) professors

  • Emmylou Beekman

    Emmylou Beekman

    Dr. Emmylou Beekman has been appointed as lecturer of the research centre as of 1 January 2020. Emmylou Beekman has been working at Zuyd since 2014, as a senior lecturer at the bachelor programme Physiotherapy and as a researcher at the research centre. From there, she is active within the Expertise Centre for Innovative Care and Technology (EiZT) and the programme Limburg Meet (LIME), in which she works as project leader of LIME Portal on interdisciplinary questions about measuring in care. Besides her work at Zuyd and the research group, Beekman is a physiotherapist and scientific collaborator at the ParaMedical Centre South in Sittard, and she develops and implements national guidelines for physiotherapy for the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy. 

    Contact:| LinkedIn | ResearchGate

  • Asiong Jie

    Asiong Jie

    Since 1 April 2013 I am (Associate) Professor at Zuyd University associated with the Research Centre for Autonomy and Participation of the Chronically Ill. My field of expertise is ‘Integrative Patient Centered Healthcare in the oncology. 


  • Members

    The following staff members work for the research centre.

    • Emmylou Beekman, lector  
    • Marsha Bokhorst 
    • Esther Bols  
    • Stephanie Cornips  
    • Ruth Dalemans 
    • Jolanda Friesen-Storms 
    • Stephanie von Helden-Lenzen 
    • Asiong Jie
    • Sarah Meuser 
    • Albine Moser  
    • Linda Op het Veld 
    • Barbara Piškur
    • Hester Smeets 
    • Steffy Stans 
    • Anita Stevens 
    • Darcy Ummels
    • Joyce Wolfs

    The following external PhD students are supervised by members of the research centre

    • Naomi Daniëls
    • Beate Krieger
    • Marjolein van Rooijen
    • Paul Geerts
    • Nicole ter Wal
    • Heidi Moossdorff-Steinhauser