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How to apply

Registration and enrolment

If you want to study at Zuyd, you first need to register via Studielink. This is the national application website for higher education in the Netherlands. It is also available in English and German. If you are not a resident in the Netherlands applying for a study programme may be very different than in your home country. We are happy to assist you during the application process and will answer any question you may have.

  • Step 1: Register in Studielink

    If you want to study at Zuyd, you first need to register via Studielink. This is the national application website for higher education in the Netherlands. It is also available in English and German. You can access Studielink 24 hours a day and seven days a week to enrol (or to withdraw your application). In some cases, you also need to register with the programme itself, for example if there are additional admission requirements.  

    • If you are a resident in the Netherlands:
      Log in with your personal DigiD code. If you do not yet have a DigiD code yet, you can request one at DigiD. Please allow five working days for your request to be processed.
    • If you are not resident in the Netherlands:
      Request a user name and password via Studielink.
    • Select "new enrolment request" and follow the instructions. 

    Questions about Studielink? Check the help section

    Application deadlines

    You can apply for all our degree programmes from the 1st of October. There are deadlines for processing your application. They vary per study programme. Check the deadlines for the English programmes.

    Apply now   

  • Step 2: Submit application documents

    Zuyd receives your request from Studielink automatically and will begin processing it. You'll receive an e-mail from Zuyd asking you to submit the documents required for enrolment. These documents include:

    • copy of your passport

    • your official diploma and transcript of records or a current list of marks if you are not graduated yet

    • your certificate of English-language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge).

    The email you'll receive from Zuyd will tell you exactly what documents you need to send.

  • Step 3: Participate in a Study Programme Choice Check

    The Study Programme Choice Check is a final check for you, before you make a definitive decision as to whether this study programme is the right one for you. After you have applied via Studielink, you will receive an invitation within a few weeks for the Study Programme Choice Check.

    What can you expect?
    As each study programme is different, the Study Programme Choice Check is different for each different study programme. However, each one involves a contact moment with the study programme and advice. You are entitled to that! Sometimes, a study programme will invite you to an introductory meeting or to take part in an activity. The Study Programme Choice Check will automatically form part of that activity or meeting. You can decide yourself whether you do or do not want to take part. See it as a great opportunity to check whether your expectations are correct, and to ask all the questions you still have! If you have not received an invitation yet and would like to do the study programme choice check, please contact the study programme to request one.

    Of course, you still need to fulfil all the statutory admission requirements, such as having the right qualifications, profile, or other criteria.

    What do I do if it is not the right choice for me?
    If it turns out that the study programme is not right for you, then you can apply for a different study programme and do another study programme choice check.

    When are you not invited for a Study Programme Choice Check?
    If you have applied for a programme with a restricted enrolment, then other conditions are applicable. That also applies to part-time study programmes and master’s degrees.

    Study Programme Choice Check Regulations
    If you would like to know what your rights and obligations are regarding the Study Programme Choice Check, you can read the information in the official regulations 

    Download the regulations

  • Step 4: Admission requirements check

    Once we have received all the required documents from you, we will verify if you meet all the admission requirements. We'll notify you if we need any additional information from you. Once you have sent us all the documents required and we have established that you meet all the admission requirements, there will be an announcement in Studielink that you have been accepted as a student at our institution. After that you will receive e-mails with practical information about tuition fees, and if necessary, your visa application form. 

  • Step 5: Pay your tuition fee

    To finalize your application you need to pay the tuition fee. If you are:

    •  EU-citizen: check that your bank is able to process international (SEPA) payments. Go to your personal Studielink page and follow the instructions provided. After you have set up a direct debit mandate and confirmed your payment details, your enrolment is complete and you are set to start your study proramme.

    • non-EU citizen: check that your bank is able to process international (SEPA) payments. Go to your personal Studielink page and follow the instructions provided. If your bank is not SEPA proof, you must transfer the tuition fees to Zuyd. Once we have received your payment and have verified that you meet the visa requirements, we will apply for a student visa on your behalf. After approximately four weeks, you will receive a notification that you can collect your visa from the Netherlands Embassy or Consulate in your country. 

    You may be eligible for a scholarship. Check the possibilities.

    Enough money on your bank account
    Every year, non-EU students are required to provide written evidence of their ability to live and study in The Netherlands to the local authorities. This means that you should have at least € 8000 at your disposal on a Dutch bank account.

Are you enrolled?

Are you a new student at Zuyd? You might want to know more about your introduction, study books and the start of your lessons. At you can find everything you need to know. 

Visit start.zuydnet

Corona: starting at Zuyd without a diploma NT2.2

If you register for a study programme in Dutch and Dutch is not your native language, a diploma NT2.2 is one of the admission requirements. Due to the corona crisis you may not have been able to complete all parts of the NT2.2 test (state examination Dutch). In that case, you can - conditionally - be admitted to the programme of your choice. A condition is that you meet all other enrolment requirements. These include a diploma for previous education, a residence permit and payment of tuition fees.

This conditional admission means that you may start your training with Zuyd, but that you have until January 1, 2022 at the latest to pass the state NT2.2 exam. If you have not passed the state examination, the academy director can assess whether you can otherwise demonstrate that you meet the desired language level. If this is not the case, you must discontinue your studies at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and we will terminate your enrolment on 31 December 2021.

Apply for State examinations start again
For more information, please consult the DUO website.

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