Interdisciplinary Arts

Interdisciplinary Arts

Are you creative, critical, multi-talented, motivated and do you prefer to develop these talents by working with others?

iArts – short for Interdisciplinary Arts is an exciting crossover of artistic skills, academic reflection, research and entrepreneurship. These components are intertwined in projects and seminars with a strong focus on today's societal issues.

  • Location Maastricht
  • Duration 3 years
  • Degree Bachelor of Arts
  • Freshmen 20
  • Language English
  • Student rating 7,1
iArts is the first and only bachelor’s programme in Europe to link interdisciplinarity in the arts to academic scholarship and partners outside. 


About the Education

About the education

What will you learn?

iArts is a 4 year bachelor’s programme within 3 years. This means it is a very intense, high-density programme. You’ll work on a series of projects. You’ll invent creative and original solutions for current social and cultural issues, in the form of artistic products or artful interventions. Think installations, films, performances, and games. Think meetings, publications, plans, and enterprises. Each and every intervention will be the result of interdisciplinary teamwork. Your teachers are experts in their fields and have experience with interdisciplinary encounters.

In iArts, we combine entrepreneurship and art into a mindset. We do theoretical research and create and sell art. We learn about what we need to make things happen, like organizing yourself, talking to technicians, planning transport for people, and pitching in front of an audience. We need to engage with the world and connect as human beings. We use everything around us as a source of inspiration and a possible subject for our art projects. We don’t limit ourselves and we are constantly pushing our own boundaries.

Cedric Wiegel from Germany

Theory and skills training

In addition to the projects you will get theory, skills training and reflection. In theory education, disciplines such as art history, art analysis, dramaturgy, philosophy, text analysis and sociology are drawn on in order to explore specific themes addressed in project education in more depth. Examples of skills training are singing, design skills and multi media training.

You will become

  • an artistic researcher
  • an imagination engineer
  • an intelligent multitalent
  • an out-of-the-boxer
  • an artistic inventor
  • an academic delinquent
  • a pirate of disciplines
  • Tuition fees

    As a degree-seeking student you will have to pay annual tuition fees. Students from the EU pay the statutory tuition fees, and non-EU students pay the institutional tuition fees. Normally speaking, these fees are waived for exchange students from partner universities.

  • Facts and figures

    Are you interested in how our current students rate this study programme? And how your chances are at the labour market? Check the objective information that's based on public reliable sources. With this overview you can compare our programme with the national average.

    Check the facts and figures.

  • Education and Examination Regulations

    The education and examination regulations provide all the information you will need about the content of the study programme, the academic support provided, and the way in which examinations are organized. 

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