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Global Minds @ Work

Global Minds @ Work

In an interconnected world, young professionals are faced with serious complex technological, social and environmental transitions that require immediate action within and across borders. In order to make sure that they are ready and able to face these challenges on a local, (EU) regional, (inter)national and intercultural professional level, it is imperative that they develop their global competences.

Global Minds at Work wants to support and foster the development of young professionals’ global competence by means of

  1. innovative, interdisciplinary, applied research and education
  2. translating (valorising) this into real-world applications in education and professional domains and
  3. by engaging a wide variety of stakeholders from different disciplines.

Global Minds at Work is the go-to center of expertise for global and intercultural competence for Zuyd UAS and our professional network.

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Global Minds @ Work
Lyvie Schoenmaeckers (secretary)
Bethlehemweg 2
NL-6222 BM Maastricht