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Sustainable International Business

Sustainable International Business

The knowledge domain of the research centre is focused on supporting internationally-oriented small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinationals in Limburg in making their ambitions more sustainable. The goal of the research centre is to give SME managers tangible insight into both internal and external sustainable aspects, which they can take into consideration in the strategic decision-making of their business.

Vision and mission

Overall, the vision of SIB is to achieve transformation and innovation for the sustainable business in education and SMEs with the aim to contribute to “health and well-being” of SMEs and citizens in the Euro-region, now and in the future.

The mission of SIB is to contribute to the economic development of the region by using innovative applied research and education in the field of sustainable business and to encourage IB graduates and businesses to further develop their ambitions in an effective and sustainable manner. This mission will be realized by means of applied research and education in collaboration with students, regional, national, and international stakeholders.

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Sustainable International Business (SIB) research center
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