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Healthcare insurance and more

Before you travel to the Netherlands, make sure that you are properly insured against risks. A healthcare insurance is one of the conditions you will have to meet to receive your residence permit.

Healthcare insurance

You have three options for healthcare insurance:

  • EU Health Insurance Card

    You may be eligble to receive a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which covers your medical costs during your stay in Holland if:

    • You are an EU or Swiss national studying in Holland, and
    • you are not working or doing an internship here, and
    • you are insured for your medical care through a national health system in your home country (this may differ from the various EU-countries).

    Apply for the EHIC in your home country. More information on the EHIC is available on the website of the European Commission.

  • Private healthcare insurance

    You are not allowed to take out a Dutch public healthcare insurance, as long as you do not work or take up a paid internship in the Netherlands or if you have an EHIC from your home country. In this case, you need to check whether your existing insurance covers your stay in Holland. If not, you need to take out a new or special insurance policy for your stay. 

  • Dutch public healthcare insurance

    If you are obliged to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance, you are free to buy insurance from any Dutch insurance company. Some insurance companies will give you a student discount. Ask your school for advise or contact the Zorgverzekeringslijn.

    Please note that this type of insurance covers only your medical expenses. If you take out Dutch public health insurance, you may be eligible for compensation for your insurance premium. This compensation is called healthcare benefit or healthcare allowance .

What to do if you fall ill?

We recommend to register at a Dutch general practioner after your arrival. If you are not feeling well or have complaints, your first instinct may be to go to the hospital. However, the Dutch healthcare system is regulated differently. You must always first go and see your general practioner (GP), or in Dutch huisarts. The GP decides whether to send you to see a specialist and, if necessary, a hospital. If you need medicines, you will receive a prescription medicines from the GP and can collect them at a local pharmacy.

Other insurance

Liability insurance 
You are strongly advised to carry a liability insurance. If you are liable for an accident that injures someone or damages another person's property, you may be held liable for all the costs resulting from the accident. You might, for example, break something where you are working or studying, or cause damage to your rented room. The resulting claim for damages could be very high. You are therefore strongly urged to have an adequate liability insurance. You can arrange such cover either in your own country or through Zuyd. 

Other insurance
Insurance to cover the costs of repatriation is also strongly recommended. This means that if you should become seriously ill or die, a family member can be flown to the Netherlands to take you back home. Finally, it is wise to insure yourself against theft and the costs of accidents and legal advice.