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Facility and Real Estate Management

The Master in Facility and Real Estate Management is distinctive from other programmes as it provides a programme in which the building is seen as a strategic asset and part of the value chain of the integrated facility management, thereby combining knowledge from Facility and Real Estate Management.

The programme in short

The domain of Facility and Real Estate Management is a dynamic one. A clear development in recent years is the shift in focus of Corporate Real Estate Management and Facility Management. The initial preoccupation with tasks and functions is giving way to an emphasis on process management and resource integration.

Both Facility and Real Estate Management act within internal spheres of action in the organization. They deal with the same issues of processes, property and people. Both departments deal with common solutions to enable a satisfactory working environment. For this reason a programme at Master's level combining elements of Facility- and Real Estate Management is a favourable solution.

A master in facility and real estate management, something for you?

Where most other programmes require work experience, the Master in Facility- and Real Estate Management offers opportunities to continue your study directly after your Bachelor degree.

Admission requirements
Admission to the European Master Facility and Real Estate Management is subject to the following prerequisites:

  • You have completed a Bachelor’s degree in the field of business, Facility Management, Real Estate, or other relevant studies.
  • You have good command of written and spoken English


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