The Beginning
The Beginning Show 2021

The Beginning Show 2021

Where to begin?

is the first question in a new life decision. According to Algorithms of our browser window, you begin a business, a keto diet, writing a book, a startup, building a house, running or meditation. Or you just begin to observe. I like to think that observations are as important as anything else you do in life. Not only observing yourself but also observing everything around you.

One place for this acquisition of information is the educational environment. You go there not for a reproduction of knowledge, not for old worldviews, but for an encouraged diversity of thinking and acting. In that place the pedagogies support you to find out about your future self and everything around you. At this place you learn to make it work.

Imagine it like an exercise where you write a letter to your future self today by answering some of these questions: Who will you be? Where will you be? How will you live? What will you not compromise? What will matter most to you? What will you contribute? Who will be there with you? And how did it all begin?

Welcome to the first Beginning Show at Maastricht Institute of Arts!

Matylda Krzykowski
Curator-At-Large Maastricht Institute of Arts

Invitation The Beginning Show 2021, 1–5 July 2021

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