About Zuyd
Our focus

Our focus

Zuyd's activities revolve around 'passion for development'. We want to teach as many students as possible and make sure that they have the knowledge, insights, and skills that the region needs. In order to achieve this ambition, we apply the following three principles:

  • Passion for student development
    Our students feel supported, seen, and heard during their studies.
  • Integrating research into education
    Programme departments and research centres work together on high-quality study and research programmes that are meaningful to our students and region.
  • Anchoring education in the world of practice
    Students are motivated to prepare themselves for their future professions, and their knowledge of the world of practice makes it easier for them to start working in the regional labour market after graduation.

Our themes
Together with our partners, the Brightlands campuses, and other parties, Zuyd wants to give substance to the challenges facing the region. We focus on four themes based on this objective and our expertise and strengths. These themes will have a multidisciplinary approach and link up with the region's important transition challenges.

  • Strengthening the vitality and participation of the population, supported by innovative technology
  • Stimulating the smart use of data by current and future professionals, disciplines, and the surrounding area, organizations, and the business community
  • Clearly promoting the quality of life and vitality of the residential environment, with a focus on the Parkstad region
  • Working towards climate-neutral production, with a particular focus on minimizing the carbon footprint of the Chemelot site

Our vision on education
In our view we stimulate the development of our students by providing education that is activating and has a modern-day approach with the use of technology; is keeping content up to date throught the integration of research; is practice-oriented with and for the professional field; is inclusive in engagement; and is demonstrating a high degree of flexibility in order to meet needs. Read more about our vision on modern-day higher professional education (PDF).

We believe that gender equality, diversity and inclusion are important. All staff and students should feel welcome and accepted at Zuyd. This Gender Equality Plan includes existing policies, resources and measures to promote gender equality. The plan is a stepping stone to formulating a broader diversity and inclusion policy in 2022.