About Zuyd


Board of Governors

In its institutional management role, the Board of Governors is responsible for the policies and operations of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. The Board determines the policies and strategy of the institution and the financial and organizational framework.

Photo: Olaf van Nugteren, Luc Verburgh, Kitty Kwakman

Dr. Luc Verburgh – President

Portfolio: strategy, internal and external communication, marketing, branding, internationalization, human resources, organization development and professionalization of teaching staff. 

Contact: Ingrid Grooten-Hameleers
ingrid.grooten@zuyd.nl | +31 (0)45 400 61 15

Dr. Kitty Kwakman – Vice President

Portfolio: education, research, quality control, student affairs, care and welfare.

Contact: Monica Bezemer
monica.bezemer@zuyd.nl | +31 (0)45 400 61 03

Olaf van Nugteren, MLD

Portfolio: integrated business operations, finance and control, accommodation, facilities and ICT.

Contact: Petra Kreijen
petra.kreijen@zuyd.nl | +31 (0)45 400 61 14

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board monitors the policies of the Board of Governors and the general operations in the institution and acts as the employer of the members of the Board of Governors. It also has an advisory role and acts as a sounding board.

These are the members of our Supervisory Board:

  • Prof. dr. Gerard Mols (chairman)
  • Drs. Hans Dijkman
  • Prof. dr. Frank Cörvers
  • Loet Smeets RC
  • drs. Luvic Janssen
  • drs. Marieke Schöningh MBA
  • prof. dr. Jan Harm Zwaveling


The nine faculties provide the link between education, research and life-long learning. This way students can be trained more effectively to become innovative professionals. Knowledge and insight gained through research is applied in the Bachelor's degree programmes and in our courses and training. 


Below you can find the overview of our nine faculties, the directors and contact information. 

  • Bèta Sciences and Technology

    Director: Peter Princen  
    Contact: T +31 (0)45 400 64 00

  • Commercial and Financial Management

    Director: Dries Lodewijks
    Contact: 31 (0)46 420 70 26 / 72 21

  • Health

    Director: Raymond Clement 
    Contact: +31 (0)45 400 63 20

  • Hotel and Facility Management

    Director: Ad Smits
    Contact: +31 (0)43 352 86 63 / 86 64

  • IT

    Director: Peter Princen 
    Contact: +31 (0)45 400 64 00

  • International Business and Communication

    Director: Jeanette Oostijen
    Contact: +31 (0)43 346 64 38

  • Arts

    Director: Noël Lebens (a.i.)
    Contact: +31 (0)43 346 64 24 

  • Management and Law

    Director: Dries Lodewijks
    Contact: +31 (0)46 420 70 26 / 72 21

  • Social Studies and Education

    Director: Raymond Clement (ad interim)
    Contact: +31 (0)45 400 63 20

Support Services

The primary processes at Zuyd are facilitated by six Support Services, each of which is led by a director:

  • Education and Research
  • Student Services
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Control
  • Marketing and Communication 
  • Estates and Facilities

The management and report structures of the Support Services are similar to those of the Faculties.


The division of tasks, authority and responsibility among the Board of Governors, the Supervisory Board, the Deans of the Faculties and the Directors of the Support Services is determined by Managerial and Control Regulations, which are in accordance with the by-laws of the Hogeschool Zuyd Foundation, the WHW and the HBO-branch code of Governance.

Participation and co-decision

The participation and co-decision of students and staff in the management of the university’s policies is arranged through Participation Councils that are composed of staff and students. Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has a Central Participation Council (CMR), Participation Councils for the Centres of Expertise and a Participation Council for the Support Services.