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Study finance

Study finance

Studying in the Netherlands is not for free, nor is it necessarily cheap. If study finance from your own country isn't available or if you are not able to pay your study abroad yourself what help can you get?

The Dutch government has set up a funding system to pay for study costs, tuition fees, health insurance and costs of living. Do you want to know if you’re eligible for the Dutch student finance system? Check this infographic to see which form of student financing -if any- you qualify for.

Financial aid for tuition fees

If you fail to meet the nationality requirements for student finance, you may still qualify for a limited funding towards payment of your fees. You must be under 30 and come from an EU country or Switzerland. You can only apply for this Tuition Fee Loan once you have been officially admitted to our University. You will have to pay back this loan.

More about Tuition Fee Loan


If you still need additional funding, you can look for a study grant or scholarship. There are available for certain courses but for EU nationals these are rare. Still, it is worth checking out.