Functional impairment
Functional impairment

Studying with a functional impairment

Do you have a functional impairment, for instance dyslexia, a chronic illness or a condition that is of a permanent nature at least for the foreseeable future? Zuyd University can support you during your studies and help you with your choice of study programme.

Student counsellor

In some cases you may need special or additional measures or facilities. That means that your lessons need to be flexible and can be tailored to your needs. You have an academic guidance counsellor who will discuss both your study progress and your personal development, and provide you with guidance in these respects.

Would you like to see a counsellor? If you are already a student at Zuyd, plan an appointment via Osiris. If you are not yet a student at Zuyd, please ask your question via One of our counsellors will contact you.