International Business
International Business

International Business

In Maastricht you can find your stepping stones into the world of global trade and business relations. In communities of approximately 60 fellow students from all stages of the study programme, you will be encouraged to learn by doing. Real-life business projects will provide you with theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the field of: 

  • marketing
  • (sustainable) management
  • finance
  • economics
  • supply chain management
  • entrepreneurship
  • intercultural communication

You will learn in quite a different way : no traditional classes, no pre-defined blocks or themes. Instead you are in charge of your own learning process and your professional development. This will push your limits and train you to think and act in an independent and proactive way. The professional experience you gain through the business projects will kick-start your entrance at the labour market. 

  • Location Maastricht
  • Duration 4 years, start in Sept. and Feb.
  • Degree Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Language English


About the education

About the education

Start your career as a young professional

When you start your studies, you start your career as a young professional. As of the first day you will be working with real clients on real business problems. Alone or in a team with fellow students. You will be stimulated to engage in active learning, meaning that you formulate your own specific goals and have the freedom to figure out how and when to reach them. There are no pre-defined blocks or themes. Instead you take control of your own learning by finding your own business challenges. 

Small community

Our students form small, tight-knit communities, consisting of students from all stages of the study programme. So students from junior and senior level will all work together in projects. Two days per week you’ll have your community day. All members of your community will work together on that day. You’ll meet, discuss, debate, present, give and receive feedback, to learn from your coaches and from each other. On the other days of the week you’ll will work on your business challenges in one of our work spaces, together with other young business professionals of many different nationalities. The coaches and experts also work in these rooms and are therefore always available for questions or explanations.


Your lecturers will coach and supervise you during the execution of your challenge. They help you and your team oversee the process and they support you in reaching your goals and improving your results. They can therefore be your sparring partner, mirror and guide. In addition, the programme also has business experts with one or more specialisations within the business field (i.e. sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, supply chain management, sustainability, etc.). They will be the ones to teach you the required research skills and they will help you with questions on the business content of the challenges that you are working on.

Flash lectures
The study programme does not have a set timetable, but there are regular flash lectures with theoretical information on the problems that you encounter in your challenges, inspiration sessions to lure you out of fixed thinking patterns and company visits to link the work practice to your desktop research.

How do we monitor your progress?

Of course you have to meet certain requirements. Learning outcomes are fixed. You have your own coach with whom you outline your development trajectory and discuss and evaluate your progress. Each week you will have at least one coaching session, individually or in teams. You will continuously receive feedback on your activities and performance from the coaches, the experts and your client. You have to show that you use this feedback to constantly improve your results and to grow as a business professional. 

You will also have a say in determining whether you have met the requirements of the programme. Your assessment will then be the outcome of your own activities, reflection, knowledge development, etc. of your progress. We will assess your progress in your learning process, once you are confident that you are ready for assessment. We do this by means of a portfolio with a final reflection or consideration written by you, and we conclude with a criterion-oriented interview (a personal defence) with at least two examiners.

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International experience

Given the international character of the programme, we think that it is essential that you gain experience working abroad. An international internship is therefore a mandatory part of the study programme. Furthermore, there are other international options, such as Double Degree programmes, minors and a study exchange at one of our 105 partner universities.

Fast track

The study programme offers a three-year (fast) track. The fast track has been developed for students with a VWO-diploma (or international equivalent), who want to go for a more practical orientated bachelor degree before they start with their masters.

  • Duration of the fast track programme: 3 years
  • Number of credits: 240 EC
  • Diploma: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

EPAS quality mark

In June 2019 International Business was awarded the EPAS accreditation by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), a leading European strategic audit and accreditation agency.

EPAS is a world-renowned and prestigious seal of quality for study programmes in the field of business and management. The accreditation procedure critically analysed all aspects of the study programme: from the curriculum, research, teaching methods, staff and learning environment to the level of internationalisation, quality assurance, practical relevance and sustainability. 

Read more about the accreditation in this article.



  • Education and Examination Regulations

    The education and examination regulations provide all the information you will need about the content of the study programme, the academic support provided, and the way in which examinations are organized. 

    • Check the EER

    In the EER you'll find a reference to this International Business framework

  • Tuition fees

    As a degree-seeking student you will have to pay annual tuition fees. Students from the EU pay the statutory tuition fees, and non-EU students pay the institutional tuition fees. Normally speaking, these fees are waived for exchange students from partner universities.

Entrance requirements

Entrance requirements

  • Havo

    You need a havo diploma with at least one of the following subjects:

    • Economics
    • Management & Organization
    • Mathematics
  • Vwo

    You need a vwo diploma with at least one of the following subjects:

    • Economics
    • Management & Organization
    • Mathematics

    Fast track
    If you want to start in the fast track you have to meet the following entry requirements:

    • A positive advice by the intake committee after the Matching Day.
    • A diploma secondary science education or pre-research university level education (vwo in the Netherlands)
    • You should have followed these subjects until the final year of secondary education:
      • Mathematics or Economics
      • English 
  • Mbo

    If you have a mbo diploma at level 4, you meet the requirements of the study programme. The chances to pass are realistic if you have studied Economics and English during the mbo level 4 study.

  • 21+

    Exemption of the pre-university requirements is only possible on the basis of a binding admission examination. You are only eligible for this examination if you are 21 years of age or older. Read more about the test for candidates aged 21 or older.

  • Non-Dutch

    Generally speaking, a secondary school diploma will give access to our study programme, for example: 

    • Abitur
    • Fachhochschulreife
    • international baccalaureate 

    Extra requirements

    • Advanced knowledge (secondary school graduation level) of economics or mathematics. 
    • Proof of a good command of the English language. A secondary school graduation level is required for EU-students. Students from outside of the EU are required to take an IELTS (score at least 6) or TOEFL test (computer-based score at least 213). Please note that TOEFL and IELTS scores expire after 2 years.

    Immigration regulations
    Do not forget to check the immigration regulations imposed by the Dutch authorities. Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a visa for The Netherlands. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Therefore, start your application process well in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Application deadline
    Applications for enrolment should be in our possession before the deadline. They differ for EU- and Non-EU students:

    • EU students: 1st July
    • Non-EU students: 1st June

    Late applications may be considered by the management. You can ask Marjan van Diepenbeek, Student Recruitment Officer, for further information about late enrolment procedures.

Fast track

You can finish the study programme in 3 years if you have a VWO-diploma (or international equivalent). Check the entrance requirements above. 

Questions? Contact Marjan van Diepenbeek, Student Recruitment Officer. 



In this International Business study programme you will be trained for a wide range of management positions in the fields of Commerce, Finance and Organization. As a result, you will have excellent job opportunities on the national and international labour markets, such as:

  • International Account Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial Manager / Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • PR Officer 
  • Trade Consultant
  • Export Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Graduates vlogs
    Thomas works in Atlanta.
    Jean werkt in Maastricht.
    Willy works in London.
    Daniel works in Curacao.

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