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I need help

I need help

Are you struggling with something? Do you need someone to talk to? Zuyd has a team of professionals who are ready to help you. They are here to help you with problems related to your studies or personal problems. But they can also help you work on your health or find the right balance. Below you find our total offer in healthcare as a whole. You can also download the infographic.

Who can help you?

Who can you turn to, and for which reasons, during your studies? Various support staff are available to you within your programme and Zuyd itself. Everything you tell your coach, counsellor or psychologist will remain confidential. Information about you will not be shared without your consent.

You can find more information on Zuydnet.

  • Teachers

    Teachers offer you course related support and are there to listen to you. They can give you advice and possibly refer you to the right person to help you.

  • Study coach (teacher, mentor)

    Your academic advisor is your first point of contact for all questions related to your studies or facilities. Your academic advisor will assist you in the choices you make within your studies and knows who can answer all your other questions. An academic advisor is also known as a mentor or coach.


    A listening ear for and by students.  

    Sometimes you just want to tell your story, talk about a problem or concern in an approachable way. Letting your heart out is often enough. If you need a listening ear, you can talk to a (trained) listening student via Zuyd LUISTER. This student can also help you to decide whether you want to meet a counsellor or student psychologist.

    If you would like to schedule an appointment with a listening student (via email, a video call or a physical meeting), send an email to The listening student will then contact you. If you would like to chat (anonymously) with one of our listening students, please go to the platform 

    You can find more information on Moodle or you can send an email to

  • Student counsellors

    Student counsellors can inform, advise and support you with problems you may encounter during your studies and in your personal life. For instance, if you’re having financial problems or if you need short-term psychological assistance. Your mentor can tell you who the student counsellor is for your programme. You can find more information on Zuydnet. You can also make an appointment via OSIRIS. Then follow the following steps: Osiris > Case > Schedule an appointment with student counsellors

  • Student psychologists

    The student psychologist provides guidance and support for mental health issues. Your teacher, study coach or the student counselor can help you with a referral. If you prefer to see the student psychologist at your own request, you can also make an appointment by mailing to

  • Confidential advisors

    Zuyd has a new confidential advisor who you can contact if you’re the victim of unwanted behaviour, such as discrimination, bullying or intimidation. You can take several steps to do something about unwanted behaviour. The confidential advisor offers you further assistance.

    You can find more information on Zuydnet.

  • Study Selection Advisors

    You can talk to our study choice advisor for personal assistance regarding your study choices. The study choice advisor can guide you if, for example, you have doubts about your study choice, if you want to quit your studies or if you want to switch studies.

What can help you?

Mental health and well-being

Zuyd offers training courses and tools that can contribute to your mental health.

  • Mission Possible

    This training allows you to work on becoming more confident in your studies and social situations. You will gain an insight into what stress is and what causes it. You will also be given tools and insights that can help you overcome difficult situations. Duration: 5 x 1.5 hours

    You can find more information on Zuydnet

  • Flow into your life

    Do you want to create a better balance in your daily life or study life? Do you want to connect with your peers while exercising? Join this free training course, which focuses on conscious active movement (indoors and outdoors), yoga and mindfulness meditation. Tranquility and relaxation come as an added bonus! The training will last 6 x two hours. Check the calendar for upcoming dates and register at

  • Me, myself and I

    "Everyone is doing better than me, I am nothing, I am boring, I am not good enough, no one likes me". Do you recognise this? And do you wish things were different? In the Me, Myself and I training you work on your self-image. You gain insight into how your self-image arises and you are given tools that can help you strengthen a positive self-image. Check the calendar at the bottom of this page to see when this training will take place. More information can be found at Zuydnet

  • Music therapy

    Have you been feeling empty or down for a long time, are you troubled by negative thoughts and feelings? Within Zuyd, we offer you the opportunity to follow EIMT training (music therapy). In other words; emotion-regulating music therapeutic intervention. By making music together, you can learn to be less sombre and anxious or rather to relax more!

    Sign up for music therapy training by sending an e-mail to:

  • Zuyd STIL

    A short break; a moment to yourself. We’re always busy with so many different things that we forget to pay attention to ourselves. Moments of attention and relaxation help to improve your health and satisfaction. For instance, guided meditation in the quiet study room, a quiet walk around the school, meditating in the open air, short lectures, workshops, tai chi on the grass, musical performances and other activities that can give you inner peace.


  • Platform Fresh Thoughts

    This platform is a collaboration between Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Fresh Thoughts. Need an anonymous conversation? Then talk to a Zuyd listening student via chat. Are you more in need of making connections? Then click on the button 'connects' and get linked to someone you can meet up with.

    Go to the platform

Physical health

Zuyd offers tools and coaching to stay physically healthy.

  • Vitality check

    Want to have insight in your current vitality (resilience, energy and motivation) within half an hour? Do the Vitality Check and get free advice from a healthcare professional on what you can improve and how to do it.

    Health checks are conducted by healthcare professionals and can be individual or in a group at your own location. The check consists of a questionnaire about your health patterns and several physical assessments: Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat, peak flow, blood glucose, blood pressure and hand grip strength. You will also have a consultation.

    Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming dates. Or send an email to

  • Study place check

    With a correctly adjusted workplace, you can study much more effectively. For example because you are more comfortable sitting and/or standing at your desk and experience less chaos and distractions around you. Curious about whether you can get more comfort out of your study place at home? Ask for a free study spot check!

    A student in occupational therapy will look at your home study area via Teams and provide you with useful tips and advice. The check takes place under the guidance of an experienced tutor. Make an appointment via

  • Lifestyle coaching

    Want to wake up rested, learn to relax, eat healthier or quit smoking? Lifestyle coaching can help you! A healthy lifestyle has a positive influence on your overall well-being.
    You will personally change your lifestyle in a manner that suits you. The group consists of other students and a coach. Nothing is obligatory; the coach will focus on your needs in making healthy choices that suit you and are easy to keep up with.

    The course is free and has five meetings of two hours each, on Monday afternoons from 15:00 - 17:00. Check the upcoming meetings in the calendar. Sign up at

  • Zuydfit

    Need to recharge before, during or after work? Zuydfit gives you the opportunity to participate in various free sports classes and activities at the Nieuw Eyckholt location in Heerlen. Check out the programme, choose what you like and join for free. You do not have to sign up. The activities take place in the gym (B.0.104) of location Nieuw Eyckholt in Heerlen. The gym is open daily from 08.00 to 18.00.

    We are currently looking at what we can offer at the other locations. Check this page for more info.

Extra support

Could you use some extra support during your study? Look at our offer below to see what Zuyd can help you with.

  • Special circumstances

    Are your studies affected by additional challenges like a functional impairment? Or are you trying to finish your studies while also pursuing a career in elite sport? Zuyd has several arrangements and facilities that you can count on.

    You can find information about students with a functional impairment and information about other special circumstances on Zuydnet. Contact the student counsellor for your programme if you have a functional impairment. Or check with your student coach whether it might be a good idea to inform the student counsellor. The student counsellor can also tell you who to turn to.

  • Financial support for students

    Are you experiencing a delay in your studies due to special circumstances and are therefore unable to finish your studies in 4 years? Are you involved in administrative or social activities at Zuyd? Do you have acute financial needs? Zuyd is able to offer you financial support.

    Contact the student counsellor from your programme and talk about your personal circumstances. The student counsellor can tell you if you’re eligible for financial support from Zuyd. If you’re not eligible, the counsellor can explain the possibilities offered by DUO and/or scholarship funds.

  • Peer group for highly gifted students

    Being highly gifted or having characteristics of giftedness doesn’t mean that getting your degree will be easy for you. You will experience a lot of obstacles on your way and might feel alone. But there are other students just like you and they get together once a month to exchange experiences. They also discuss how to deal with challenging situations and how to make studying more enjoyable. In the calendar you will find the upcoming dates for the peer group. Do you consider yourself as a highly gifted student? Register via It is also possible to discuss this with your student counsellor first.

  • Peer group for students with ASD

    Zuyd has a peer group for students with autism or autism-related characteristics. During the sessions, participants discuss any problems they may encounter and share the solutions they have found. In the calendar you will find the upcoming dates for the peer group. Do you want to join the peer group? Register via It is also possible to discuss this with your student counsellor first.

  • Diversity Zuyd

    Diversity Zuyd is our inclusive community for LGBTQA+ students. The community provides a safe and supportive environment where students of all gender identities, expressions and romantic orientations can be themselves. You can find more information here on their (dutch) website.

  • Time Management Training for students

    Anyone can use tips on study skills and study techniques to make the studying process easier.  You can register via the Student Career Centre. You can also request information about training courses on: speed reading, study skills working in groups or independent learning and good communication. Send an email to for more information.

    Our trainer Jan Willem van den Brandhof will explain why time management can help everyone in this video.


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