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What mood are you in?

What mood are you in?

Do you want to make the most out of your study time? Zuyd is happy to help you on your way! Whether you are in the mood for a fun activity with classmates, something sporty or an inspiring Zuyd Talks session. But also when you are not feeling so happy and could use a mental boost. Or if you are looking for some extra help with your studies or with finding an interesting internship?

What is your mood right now?

What can we do to make things (even) better for you and your fellow students? These questions are central to the Wellbeing Monitor, which Zuyd is conducting among students for the second time this year. You are helping us enormously by filling in this anonymous questionnaire (max.10 minutes). Because this will give Zuyd a better idea of how you are doing. And most importantly, how we can help you. What do you need? Let us know, so we can get to work on an appropriate offer.

Filled in questionnaire by 19 December? Then enter for a chance to win:

  • gift voucher
  • 5x vouchers of 1x €50 and 4x €25
  • Mood Socks
Fill in the questionnaire

What has been done with the results of last year's Wellbeing Monitor?

  • The results were used for the 'Student Wellbeing' policy plan; we think it is important for students to be able to be themselves (inclusivity), feel good about themselves (vitality) and be strong in their shoes (autonomy);
  • Social activities for international students have been organised;
  • An LGBT ia+ group called Diversity has been set up;
  • Student parties have been organised;
  • Zuyd Talks have taken place, with Dai Carter and Tim Hofman as guest speakers);
  • Through the Platform Fresh Thoughts, students can chat anonymously with a 'Listening Student' if they are struggling with something. It also allows you to plan a social activity with a fellow student via a pairing function in the platform.
  • Workshops have been organised, such as Less Stress and Mission Possible.

Do you have any questions after completing the monitor? Feel free to ask them via 

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Football tables, new furniture, freshly painted walls

With the NPO funds Zuyd wants to create spaces and realize building modifications that invite students to meet or work together more easily. In Heerlen you can now play table tennis and at the hotel management school you can enjoy your lunch in a superstylish restaurant.


Whatever mood you are in, there is always someting to do at Zuyd. Check the calendar (only available in Dutch) and sign up for the activity that best suits you!

Check out the calendar

Inspiration wall

Several students already requested budget to organise a nice activity. Check out the pictures below and get inspired.

  • Walibi - Social Work - juli 2022

    Walibi - Social Work - juli 2022 loading=
  • Tafelvoetbal - Preventiecentrum - april 2022

    Tafelvoetbal - Preventiecentrum - april 2022 loading=
  • Feest - International Business - juni 2022

    Feest - International Business - juni 2022 loading=
  • Feest - Ergotherapie - juli 2022

    Feest - Ergotherapie - juli 2022 loading=
  • Gala - Built Environment - juni 2022

    Gala - Built Environment - juni 2022 loading=
  • Boulderen - ICT - juni 2022

    Boulderen - ICT - juni 2022 loading=
  • Lasergamen - Kunstacademie - mei 2022

    Lasergamen - Kunstacademie - mei 2022 loading=
  • Aqualand - Engineering - juni 2022

    Aqualand - Engineering - juni 2022 loading=