The Bachelor Design offers three study programmes; Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Visual Communication. After obtaining this bachelor certificate you are officially a designer and can get to work, depending on your choice of study programme.

  • Location Maastricht
  • Duration 4 years, start in September
  • Degree Bachelor of Arts
  • Language Dutch
About the Education

About the education


The Design study programme consists of

  • Body
  • Object
  • Materials

These different fields of study transect the traditional academic order and enable unique cross-disciplinary relationships and collaboration. Students seek out their own original, visual vocabulary within their chosen sector. The purpose of design training is to create one's own design vision and make it tangible, visible, and discussable. At the end of each academic year graduate students present their graduation work during the graduation show: The Beginning. Use this link to walk through this graduation show. Stop by the different students who tell about their work. 


Architecture and Interior Design

This study programme focuses on understanding and communicating architectural spaces in order to capture the ‘basics’ of this profession. Students are confronted with examples from the professional practice. The programme includes theoretical, technical and design oriented subjects, while knowledge of building-physics and construction is not forgotten.

Learn more about this programme (in Dutch)

Visual Communication

Image and media are important aspects of our culture. In order to attain our communication goals getting the message across we use media in all sorts of different ways. You can chose from four specializations, each using a different communication medium:

  • Film
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration

Learn more about this programme (in Dutch)


As the study programme will be taught in Dutch, you will need to have a good command of Dutch. If Dutch is not your native language and you have a non-Dutch diploma, you must pass the ‘State Exams Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)’ at level 2 before starting the programme. If you are not up to this level, you can follow a course in Dutch as a second language (NT2).



Because the three Design study programmes differ a lot from each other you’ll find below only a general indication of the study structure:

  • Year 1

    In the first year you follow a general programme aimed at investigating and developing your talents as broadly as possible. You get subjects such as the history of design and material, development of the industry, awareness, role models and specialist techniques. Teachers will challenge you to show who you are and what you stand for, because you are not only a designer, but also someone who exposes social issues and uses a design to get a message across.

  • Year 2

    Your teachers stimulate you to develop your feeling for design further. The teaching is tailored to you and the subjects fit with the choices you make. You are challenged to make, make and make still more. You explore how material is used and what skills you need. You learn how to gather information, how to deal with aesthetics.

  • Year 3

    Your programme this year is all about your own profiling. You get individual support in depth; learn how to position yourself in this world and create your own, unique style. Then come the assignments from the working environment, whereby you go through all stages of the process, from the briefing by the client up to and including the moment of actual delivery. A real challenge. 

  • Year 4

    You start this year with a work experience project. Your work experience aims at gathering experience in a company or organization. You learn to present yourself as a designer in professional situations. You’ll finish the year with your graduation project. You do research into your chosen subject and translate it into a piece of work. You defend your final work with a presentation and you present it to the broad public during an exhibition.

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