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Everything has a form

For example, the chair you are sitting on. A ring. A knife, your glasses (if you have a pair): they have all been designed by a designer.

As a designer, you design and create products, objects, and materials. You add value, quality, and relevant meaning. The Design study programme encourages you to explore and transcend the boundaries of your own lines of thinking.

  • Location Maastricht
  • Duration 4 years, start in September
  • Degree Bachelor of Arts
  • Language Dutch
About the Education

About the education

We challenge you to seek out – and exceed – your limits as a designer. By experimenting a lot and making many creations, you become familiar with your own qualities and develop your personal signature. You will be given every opportunity to do so.

The Design study programme also works closely with companies, museums, and municipalities. You can participate in international competitions and fairs and exhibit your work at Milan or during Dutch Design Week.


  • The education and examination regulations provide all the information you will need about the content of the study programme, the academic support provided, and the way in which examinations are organized. 

    • Check the EER (in Dutch)


  • Year 1

    You are given one assignment to complete: we call it a wholetask. Additionally, you will learn various techniques relating to the processing of materials and theory about design.

  • Years 2 to 4

    You will be challenged to make, to make, and to make even more. The lecturers encourage you to further develop your sense of design. You will learn a number of compulsory techniques and can also choose your own courses. You have your own workstation and in the workshops you will work together with students from other academic years. You will learn to develop your own unique style and to establish your profile as a designer.



After your studies, you can work as an independent designer or as a designer in a collective or in the service of a company. In some cases, this may be for the internship company, for example. Such companies include large companies and small studios. The Maastricht region is the perfect location from which you can easily focus on foreign markets. To deepen your knowledge and expand your network, you can also take a master's degree.

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