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European Studies

Below you will find practical information about registration and costs.


How to apply
Prospective students of European Studies can apply via Studielink. You can follow your registration at Studielink 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you have registered, you will automatically receive notice of our training. More information about registration and enrolment.

Apply now via Studielink

For each academic year, you have to pay the tuiton fees. Non-EU citizens will be charged a higher amount. For further details, please contact us. Exchange students from our international partner schools do not have to pay extra tuition fees in Maastricht (Socrates/Erasmus and Magellan Exchange).

The monthly cost of living in Maastricht will amount to about € 800 (including the cost of renting a room, food and drinks, entertainment, transport, personal care, health insurance and books and readers but excluding tuition fees). You should realize that the study exchange in Year 3 and the internship (if abroad) in Year 4 will cause some extra expenditure.

Every year, non-EU/EEA students are required to provide written evidence of their ability to live and study in The Netherlands to the local authorities. This means that they should have at least € 8000 at their disposal on a Dutch bank account.




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Meer contactinformatie