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European Studies

Life after graduation
As a result of the practice-based and diverse programme, our graduates are trained to be flexible and can be employed widely. In this rapidly changing international world, a profound knowledge of foreign languages and management skills is more than welcome.

Endless possibilities

Can you see yourself working as a policy advisor for the European Union? Or are you more interested in Communication in the business sector? After you have successfully completed the European Studies programme, the possibilities are almost endless. As a result of the practice-based and diverse programme, our graduates are trained to be flexible and can be employed widely.

During our European Studies (ES) programme you will be prepared for a wide range of positions in communication in a public or private environment. As a result, you will have excellent job opportunities on the national and international labour markets, in positions such as:

  • European networker
  • Lobbyist
  • Communication advisor
  • Staff member at the European Parliament/Ministry/Embassy
  • International project manager 
  • Marketing communications officer
  • Customer service employee
  • Corporate communications officer
  • Recruiter
  • Spokesperson
  • Social media specialist

All these positions feature international contacts that are to be maintained which require a sound insight into political and communicational issues, as well as intercultural and language skills.




"My ability to speak four languages is the main factor to overcome obstacles for cross-border cooperation.


In order to stay in touch with our alumni, the Faculty of International Business and Communication created a LinkedIn profile: Zuyd Alumni International Business and Communication. Being connected on LinkedIn helps us in finding out the positions you as alumni have taken on, as well as learning about your opinion on the study programme after having applied your knowledge in practice for some time.

Finally, ES alumni are often interested in maintaining (virtual) ties via a specific ES alumni site, as well as hearing about current job opportunities. We have moved from our alumni website to a group on LinkedIn. In this group you can find current job vacancies, but also come across former fellow students who have joined as well. At the same time, the group can be used as a discussion forum etc. We encourage alumni to post interesting vacancies as well. If you are an ES alumnus/alumna, please join our group Alumni European Studies (HEBO) - Zuyd University of Applied Sciences on LinkedIn.

Do you want to contact us directly? Do you need a (certified) copy of your diploma, a transcript of your grades, or a reference? Are you interested in sharing an interesting vacancy with fellow ES-alumni? Are you willing to help us recruit new ES students, or would you like to come back to the Brusselseweg to share information about your career? Do you have an internship that would be ideal for one of our ES students? As alumnus/alumna, you are always welcome to contact us.



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