Symposium Window of the Future

ICIS, Maastricht University, Kapoenstraat 2, 6211 KW Maastricht (room 0.009)

You are invited to the symposium Window of the Future. During the afternoon various speakers will discuss the challenges of energy transition and the findings so far of the SiA Raak Pro funded project Window of the Future.



  • 14.45 p.m: Coffee and tea;
  • 15.00  p.m: Welcome - Dr. Zeger Vroon, Lector Sustainable energy in the built environment, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences;
  • 15.10  p.m: Management of transition processes - Prof. dr. René Kemp, Professor of innovation and sustainable development - Maastricht University-ICIS;
  • 15.30 p.m: The road to energy neutral cities - Dr. Jacques Kimman, Senior Advisor National and International Energy Transition - Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO); 
  • 15.50 p.m: The Energise living labs: challenging energy use of households - Dr. Veronique Vasseur, Post-doctoral research fellow Maastricht University-ICIS;
  • 16.10 p.m: Decisions about energy renovation measures, Ir. Wendy Broers, Researcher & lecturer Zuyd University SURD and PhD candidate at Maastricht University-ICIS;
  • 16.30 p.m: Drinks.


Regarding catering we kindly request registering for this symposium.

The project

Zuyd University and partners will develop novel coatings that contribute to a reduction in energy consumption of houses and buildings. The built environment currently consumes 46% of all energy, mainly for heating and cooling. A strong reduction is required as part of the transition towards sustainable energy. This is expressed by ambitious targets set by the Parkstad region, which has set itself the target to be energy neutral in 2040. 

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