Project : Mapping the City of Genk

A virtual exhibition in collaboration with artists Juul Sadée and Lies Serdons & Vonk Studios Genk

A group of second-year students researched the former coal mining town of Genk, Belgium. Their research angles ranged from societal, historical and geographical to philosophical and poetic approaches. The students interviewed a youth worker and former miners from Genk, as well as the director of the Emile van Doren Museum.

However, not even halfway into the project, the outbreak of the coronavirus made it impossible for the students to continue their visits to Genk. And as most students went back to their home countries, the group faced a lot of new challenges - including: How can imagination, memories and online access become tools to get to know a city without physically being there?

In spite of the physical distance and time differences, the students continued the project and worked together, sharing their research in the blog section of a website. The project concluded with a virtual exhibition curated on that same website they had built: www.studiomappingthecity.com.