About Zuyd
Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Taking as a starting point the mission statement 'Professionals develop themselves with Zuyd,' we have formulated the vision and five promises.


The Zuyd mission statement is short and to the point: 'Professionals develop themselves with Zuyd.'


Zuyd University views students as professionals in development. We are an open knowledge institute where professionals in every phase of their development cross the borders of disciplines and organizations to collaborate on the transfer, development, and application of high-quality, practically-oriented knowledge.


Taking our mission statement as a starting point, we have formulated five promises that reflect the values to which our stakeholders can hold us accountable:

  • Helping students in becoming professionals in demand.
  • Helping professionals in remaining successful and valuable.
  • Collaborating with businesses, organizations, and professional practice in meeting their need for knowledge.
  • Driving practically-oriented knowledge development in our areas of emphasis.
  • Applying our resources in a targeted and responsible way.


Broadly speaking, the 2014-2018 strategy is a continuation of the strategy from the previous strategic period (2009-2013), made more focused with regard to a number of important developments in our environment. These developments are:

  • demographic contraction;
  • the stricter requirements for students and educational institutions in a number of areas, particularly quality and returns;
  • growing internationalization;
  • the implementation of the regional economic agenda and the desire to apply developed knowledge more often in practice (valorization).

As a result of these developments, we have increased our focus on quality and areas of emphasis. We are preparing our organization and organizational management for a reduction in student numbers and we are continuing to invest in the development of the province of Limburg as a knowledge region.