Zuyd and the coronavirus

On this page you will find news and information about the coronavirus and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences follows the guidelines set by the national government, the RIVM, the GGD and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences.

Current guidelines at Zuyd

Because the coronavirus has not yet disappeared and risks remain, we continue to uphold certain government advice and guidelines for Zuyd students, staff and visitors. We list them below:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • There is no home working advice. Employees who need to be on location due to the nature of their work can always come. For other employees, they can coordinate their attendance with their supervisor.
  • There is no requirement to wear a mouth mask. In the case of medical professions, however, the institutions themselves may determine whether or not mouth masks must be worn. We follow institutional protocols at practical lessons
  • Stay home in case of complaints and do a self-test.
    • Do a self-test and go into isolation for at least 5 days. Making an appointment for a test at the GGD Zuid Limburg (phone 088 - 880 50 05) is only possible if you need a recovery certificate to travel, if you can't do a self-test or if you work in health care.
    • You can go out again if you have no complaints in the last 24 hours;
    • Read the current quarantine advice and do the quarantine check.
    • For close contacts and roommates, refer to the quarantine check as well.
  • Provide adequate fresh air and ventilation in indoor areas. Mobile fans should NOT be used. When opening windows is not possible (for example during winter) other solutions are sought to ventilate and keep air quality optimal.
  • The government's advice is to get a vaccination, booster and/or repeat shot to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

More info

Students and staff can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the corona page on Zuydnet (Zuyd's intranet). Do you have specific questions about your study programme? Then contact your teacher or the student counsellor.

Respect each other's choices

Zuyd and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences endorse the government's call for mutual consideration. Keep your distance if someone asks you to. Do you have an appointment with someone who has concerns about his or her health? Then do a self-test first. And respect each other's choices, for example if someone wears a mouth mask in a place where you wouldn't do it yourself.

Contact persons Zuyd

  • Visitors, parents and relations: contact Zuyd by email:
  • Students: contact your study programme or send an email: (mention your study programme!).
  • Teachers/staff: contact your head of programme/manager or send an email:
  • Head of programme/managers: consult Zuydnet for relevant contacts and contact details.
  • Journalists: contact Rolf van Stenus on 06 2375 7221 or via

Other contact details and websites

Zuyd follows the guidelines of the government, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel advice) and the Vereniging Hogescholen (association of Dutch universities of applied sciences).