Zuyd and the coronavirus

On this page you will find news and information about the coronavirus and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

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Latest news (April 1)

Education moves from classroom to living room | April 1
Home schooling almost seems like a habit. Last week it already became clear that the lessons will be online at least until June 1st. How does that work now, those online lessons? This is not so easy to explain, because the great diversity of study programmes also makes a big difference in the form and content of the online lessons. A selection from the online activities. Read more in the news item.

Teachers and students of Nursing used in fight against corona | 30 March
Teachers and students of the Nursing course at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences are being deployed more intensively in the nursing of corona patients. With this deployment, Zuyd wants to help reduce the pressure on the medical sector as a result of the increase in the number of corona patients.

New questions added about the coronavirus and financial implications | March 27.
Consult the 'Frequently Asked Questions' below. 

Closure of buildings from Monday March 30. | March 26.
In order to contribute optimally to the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus and to protect the health of employees as well as possible, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences will close all buildings, with the exception of the Nieuw Eyckholt location in Heerlen, from Monday March 30. Conservatorium Maastricht remains open to a limited number of students and under strict conditions.

Online education until 1 June | March 25
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, together with many other universities and universities of applied science, has today decided to continue providing online education until 1 June. The extension is a consequence of the decision of the Dutch Government that events and gatherings are prohibited until 1 June. Read more in the Dutch news item.

Secondary school graduates still welcome at Zuyd; extra guidance already planned | March 24.
Education Minister Slob announced today that the central examinations in secondary education will not take place this school year. The results of the school exams form the basis for obtaining the diploma this school year. The Minister has pointed out on several occasions that this diploma will be a full diploma. Successful graduates in secondary education will continue to be welcome at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

The Minister has taken the decision together with the educational organizations. This decree gives schools more time to complete their school exams. In consultation with the Ministers of Education, the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen, VH) has indicated that the universities of applied sciences are following the decision. Like Zuyd, the VH is of the opinion that attention should be paid to the supervision of prospective students and, more generally, to ensuring a good transition between secondary education and higher professional education.

Attention for guidance of prospective students was already high on Zuyd's agenda. As a result of the Successful Studying programme and as part of the Quality Agreements, new students at Zuyd will receive extra guidance in the coming academic year anyway. Precisely during the first hundred days of their study to improve the transition from secondary education to hbo or from mbo to hbo. This is also in line with Zuyd's strategy in which the development of the student is central.

Read the press release of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science here [in Dutch].

Other news

Below you will find news items from the past weeks about the coronavirus and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. 

Special assistance for students and staff abroad | March 23.
Students and staff who are abroad and are unable to arrange their return via a travel organisation or airline company can make use of special assistance and register on the website [in Dutch]. For more information, please also visit the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Binding Recommendation to Terminate Studies (BSA) | March 19.
The Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen) have today consulted with the Minister of Education, Culture and Science about national policy. The ministry has requested universities of applied sciences to postpone the binding study advice (BSA) until the next academic year. In principle, universities of applied sciences postpone giving a BSA until the end of the second academic year (academic year 2020-2021).  We will explore the impact of these measures and inform you in soon about the consequences of these measures.

Travel advice sharpened | March 18.
When it comes to travelling to or staying abroad, Zuyd also follows the guidelines of the Dutch government. On 17 March, the government tightened its position with regard to people staying or wanting to travel abroad. Zuyd advises students and employees who are currently still abroad to keep a close eye on developments. Many countries are taking measures that may have consequences for leaving that country. Because countries will be 'locked' for a longer period of time, it is good to consider making use of the departure options that are still available. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this subject.

For prospective students | March 17.

  • If you enrolled for an Experience Day between now and 6 April, you can choose a new date and enroll via the link in the confirmation email you’ve previously received. Some study programs have not yet chosen a new date, but it is possible to enroll for an Experience Day which has no date yet. You will be contacted once a date has been chosen. 
  • At Zuyd, you can enroll in study programs after 1 May. However, in this case you are obligated to participate in a study selection interview. These interviews will still take place, but it’s possible they will be conducted online.
  • If you have received an invitation for a study selection interview, your study program might invite you to conduct the interview online. If not, a new date will be chosen.

Zuyd locations are closed for students | March 16.

  • From 17 March up to and including April 6, all Zuyd locations, including all Zuyd Library locations, will be closed to students.
  • Study programmes are working hard to start up online education. The solutions will differ per programme. Programmes will inform students and staff via Moodle, the Zuydnet group of the programme and/or e-mail. You can also find information about the study programmes on the special information page on zuydnet. If you have any questions, please ask your study programme or send an e-mail to (mention your study programme).

For employees | March 16.

  • All employees must work from home up to and including 6 April. You may only work on location with the permission of your teamleader/manager.
  • If your presence at Zuyd is necessary, take the following precautions: do not shake hands and stay at a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from each other.
  • The buildings are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Except:
    • Conservatorium Maastricht: open from 8.00 to 16.00, annex closed.
    • Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts:
      • 17-20 March: only main building open from 9.00 to 12.00 (for MT members and 2 staff members of the Educational Affairs Office)
      • 23 March - 6 April: closed.

All Zuyd Library locations are closed | March 16.
All Zuyd Library locations are closed to researchers, teachers and other staff. Service takes place online. For employees who run into problems with their research or teaching, offline services are available on request. Please make an appointment via indicating 'Zuyd Library'. Check the Zuyd Library website for service updates.

No shaking hands, avoid social contacts and keep your distance
We ask all students and staff not to shake hands, to avoid social contacts and to keep at least 1.5 meter distance (social distancing). For other measures you can take for yourself and others to prevent infection with the coronavirus, see the frequently asked questions or the RIVM website.

Travelling abroad
Many countries are taking drastic measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. New measures cannot be ruled out, and the situation may change rapidly. That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises all Dutch citizens not to travel abroad from 17 March onwards unless it is necessary. Students and employees of Zuyd are only allowed to travel abroad with the permission of the Board of Governors of Zuyd.

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Contact persons Zuyd

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  • Journalists: contact Rolf van Stenus on 06 2375 7221 or via

Other contact details and websites

Zuyd follows the guidelines of the government, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel advice) and the Vereniging Hogescholen (association of Dutch universities of applied sciences).