Corona news

Corona news

On this page you will find a collection of news about corona from the past months.

For the latest news and more information, please refer to the general coronavirus page. For more (practical) information about corona, please refer to the frequently asked questions page.

September 2020

Corona update press conference Prime Minister Rutte | 29 September
Prime Minister Rutte announced Monday evening 28. September that the national corona-measures will be further intensified. For the study programmes of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, these tightening measures have no direct consequences; the programmes continue as organised from the start of this academic year. With due observance of the rules of the game, of course, and in accordance with the applicable sector codes. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

COVID-19 infections | 22 September
The GGD Zuid-Limburg has informed Zuyd University of Applied Sciences that 1 student has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few days. A total of 14 students of Zuyd are or have been infected with COVID-19. Unfortunately, GGD Zuid-Limburg does not provide any information about the number of students who have been cured.

COVID-19 infections | 18 September
The Municipal Health Service of Zuid-Limburg has informed us that no new infections have been detected among staff and students of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences after 14 September. The South Limburg Municipal Health Service (GGD Zuid-Limburg) does not provide any information about the number of students or staff who have been cured by now.

L1 follows first-year students in corona time | 17 September
L1 will follow three first-year students in the coming months to see how they like studying in coronation. Their stories can be seen in 'Limburg Central'. Read more in the news item [in Dutch]. 

COVID-19 infections | 16 September
The GGD Zuid-Limburg has informed Zuyd University of Applied Sciences that as of September 14, 13 students have tested positive for COVID-19. At the update of September 10, 9 students tested positive. This is equal to the number of students from the September 7 update. GGD Zuid-Limburg does not provide any information about the number of students who have been cured by now. 

Get to know each other at 1.5 meters | 10 September
Okay you're going to study. The subject matter, of course, is important. But just as important is the question: who are your classmates and teachers? How do you like your studies and how do you get to know each other well in times of corona? Read more in the news item [In Dutch]. 

Entrepreneurs of lasting importance after corona crisis | 9 September
Entrepreneurs and flexworkers are also needed after corona to pull the Netherlands out of the crisis. That's what Zuyd Jol Stoffers' lecturer Employability writes in the book 'Prosperous out of the corona crisis'. Read more in the news item [in Dutch]. 

Five students at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences tested positive for coronavirus | September 1
The GGD Zuid Limburg informed Zuyd University of Applied Sciences that five Zuyd students tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. They are students from different study programmes and locations. Research by the GGD (Municipal Health Service) shows that, as far as is now known, the infections occurred in all cases in the private sphere and not at one of the Zuyd locations. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

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August 2020

Green light for introduction activities Zuyd University of Applied Sciences | 26 augustus
After receiving positive advice from the GGD Zuid-Limburg and the municipalities of Sittard-Geleen, Maastricht and Heerlen, the Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg (South Limburg Safety Region) gave the go-ahead for Zuyd’s plans for introduction activities for new students. Because of the corona measures, the introduction activities are small-scale and focused on study and/or sports. With the approval, the activities, which are planned around the beginning of the new academic year, can start. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

This is how we study en work safely on location in the new academic year | August 19
The academic year 2020-2021 is just around the corner and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is pleased to be able to welcome our students and staff again, both online and on location. Although some of the lessons will still be given online due to the coronavirus, we are fortunate to be able to offer courses on location again from the start of the new academic year. To ensure that everyone is safe and feels safe, we have taken numerous measures and a number of rules apply. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

Inkom Maastricht started | August 17
Today more than 3,000 students of Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences started their introductory week in Maastricht. "It will be a different INKOM than usual", according to chairman Milou Berdenis van Berlekom, chairman of the working group INKOM. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

Student introductions 'corona proof'| August 7
On Thursday evening, the Dutch government called on universities of applied sciences and universities to limit physical meetings during the introduction weeks for first-year students to informative meetings for small groups, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

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July 2020

Diploma ceremonies at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in many flavours | July 17
There was a lot 'not normal' in the past period, but what remained unchanged: students graduated. And of course that is and remains a festive occasion! But in coronation times, regular graduation ceremonies are not a matter of course, so the courses had to go off the beaten track to put their graduates in the spotlight. In bird's-eye view, we go through a number of initiatives that the courses developed. Congratulations to all graduates! Read more in the news item [in Dutch]. 

(Return) travel to and from the Netherlands | July 14
Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still widespread. That is why we would like to draw your attention to the guidelines for travel. For travellers arriving in the Netherlands from countries and regions that have code orange or red according to the Dutch central government, the government urgently advises to go into (home) quarantine for 14 days after arrival in the Netherlands. Consult - also just before departure to the Netherlands - the page of the Rijskoverheid (in Dutch) for the most current list of countries and regions to which this urgent advice applies.

Code green or yellow
If you are travelling from a country or region that has a green or yellow code according to the Dutch central government, this urgent advice does not apply and you (again) follow the guidelines of the RIVM and the Dutch and local authorities that apply to this category.

Study, internship or work
Students and employees who want to travel abroad for study, internship or work are asked to first read the text under the question 'I want to travel abroad soon for study or work, can I go?' in the Frequently Asked Questions section on the corona page on or Zuydnet.

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June 2020

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences pleased with new measures higher education | June 25
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is pleased with the relaxations announced by the Cabinet during the press conference on 24 June. The relaxed measures include an increase in the use of public transport.

The relaxations are expected to provide more space for activities at Zuyd's locations, while at the same time having an impact on the organisation. With regard to education, the first block (September-November) and the second block (November-February) will continue to have an occupancy rate of 20-25 percent. This takes account of the fact that the planning for education for next academic year is already well advanced. However, the time block for on-site activities in the new academic year will be extended from 10.00-22.00 hours to 08.00-22.00 hours.

The limited restart of the tests and practical exercises on location, which started on 15 June, is proceeding satisfactorily and without any significant problems. That is why Zuyd feels it is important to thank everyone who made this possible: students, teachers, support staff and directors − once again. Without their flexibility and commitment this would not have been possible. The tests are on schedule and were completed on 17 July. A number of resits will take place in August, after which the new school year can start again at the beginning of September.

On-site tests, this is what that looks like | June 9
One more week and then Zuyd's locations will be open for a limited number of tests and practical exercises. In order to organize this as safely as possible for students and staff, measures have been taken at all locations and regulations apply. In this video, student Sander shows what testing at the Zuyd locations look like during the corona crisis.

Shh... Listen to this beautiful performance | June 5
The distance doesn't stop our students from making music together. More than forty students of the Maastricht Academy of Music join forces in this performance of Eric Whitacre's beautiful composition The Seal Lullaby. Even in difficult times it is our aim to bring positivity and joy into the world. Together we work hard to create a safe learning environment for our students. Step by step we make our buildings and facilities safe to welcome our students back as quickly and as safely as possible... Read more in the news item [in Dutch]. 

Registration for a study programme at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is also possible after 1 June. | June 5
Students can still apply for a course at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences after 1 June. It is important that students do this as soon as possible. Exceptions to this are programmes that use a selection procedure: the application period is already closed. Read more in the news item [in Dutch]. 

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May 2020

Graduates Toneelacademie organise online festival State of the (He)Arts | May 28
Graduating students of the Toneelacademie present themselves and their work during the online festival 'State of the (He)Arts'. A digital alternative to the annual Festival Made, where the students normally show their graduation work, but which was cancelled this year due to the corona measures. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

From 15 June, limited restart: measures and regulations for on-site testing | May 28
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is pleased that, in line with the Cabinet's corona policy, its locations will once again be open for taking tests and, to a limited extent, for practical training from 15 June. These on-site activities will take place in the period from 15 June to 18 July.

In order to create the safest possible environment for its students and staff, Zuyd has taken various hygiene and logistic measures at all locations that meet the guidelines of the RIVM and the 'Herstart protocol hbo' of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. These include extra cleaning, the provision of disinfectant hand soap and hand gel, separate entrances and walking routes, one-way traffic, priority rules on narrow stairs and the provision of extra protective equipment for students and staff during practical training session where the 1.5-metre distance is difficult to maintain. Consultations were also held with, among others, public transport, the municipalities involved and the South Limburg Safety Region.

Students and staff may only come to the location when (and for the time that) they have a scheduled activity and must leave the location immediately afterwards. Zuyd preferably asks them to come by bike, on foot or by car and to avoid public transport. Furthermore, the starting point is still that Zuyd provides regular education online and employees work from home.

More information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions on the coronavirus section of this website. Students and staff can find all information about the measures and regulations at the locations on Zuyd's intranet: Zuydnet (not accessible to external visitors).

Zuyd wishes all students and staff who come to Zuyd in the coming weeks for a test or practical exercise good luck with their preparations!

From 15 June testing on location | May 20
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is pleased with the clarity provided by the Cabinet during the press conference on 19 May on the starting date for the restart of educational activities. In line with the Cabinet's policy of making educational activities on location possible again to a limited extent from 15 June, Zuyd has decided to have the tests and, to a limited extent, practical training take place in the period from 15 June to 18 July.

The previously planned limited restart of the tests on 2 June will be cancelled. This is partly because there is less room for regional interpretation, for example with regard to travel times in public transport. Students and staff will be informed of the new (test) timetable by 29 May at the latest.

With the consent of the Central Representative Advisory Council, Zuyd will apply the 'Restart Protocol for higher professional education' of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen). In doing so, Zuyd acts in consultation with regional partners such as secondary education, secondary vocational education, the South Limburg Safety Region, the municipalities involved and public transport.

Students and staff who will be back on location from 15 June for tests or practical training are requested to use their own transport as much as possible and to follow the regulations in the buildings and of the RIVM. They will soon receive additional information about the measures and regulations at the locations.

Online help with the right choice of study | May 20
This year, the doubters among the students are having an extra hard time because they are no longer able to go to the locations, for example to study on a trial basis. Especially for this group, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences offers a number of extra possibilities to help them make the right choice. Read more in the news item [in Dutch]. 

Testing | May 13
In line with national and regional guidelines, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences intends to take tests to a very limited extent as of June 2, where there are no alternatives available to prevent unnecessary delays among students. This, under central control to ensure a very limited presence in buildings and public transport and also to follow the RIVM guidelines during implementation. Concrete timetables will be communicated to students via the individual academies (and study programmes) as soon as possible.

Promotion Student Midwifery Suzanne Thompson University of Midwifery Education & Studies | May 12
Suzanne Thompson successfully defended her thesis 'Increasing self-efficacy in student midwives for physiological childbirth'. A special detail was that her promotion took place online and that interested parties could follow it from behind the computer. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

Update coronavirus and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences | May 7
Yesterday's press conference by the Cabinet on the corona measures in the Netherlands did not shed any light on the situation for higher education. Consultations are still taking place at various levels - for example between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen). In any case, online education at Zuyd will be continued as usual in the coming period. In the meantime, we are working hard to make certain examinations and practical education possible again at the Zuyd locations, with the RIVM regulations in mind, of course. This concerns exams and practical exercises that cannot take place online. We have worked out the scenario in order to be able to start with examinations and practical education as of 1 June. It is not yet clear whether this will be possible in view of the national reporting. As soon as we have more insight into a starting date, the timetables for tests and practical exercises will be published on location. All this in anticipation of the Cabinet's decision. Should the situation change, we will communicate as soon as possible.

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April 2020

Update coronavirus after press conference Cabinet | April 24
On Tuesday April 21, the Dutch Cabinet held a press conference on the measures taken in the Netherlands with regard to the coronavirus. Higher education was not specifically addressed in this press conference. Students and employees of Zuyd were informed this week about the further situation at our university of applied sciences. The thread: although consultations are still taking place at various levels - for example between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences - online education will be continued at Zuyd in the coming period and we are working hard to make certain tests possible on location from June 1. Of course with due observance of the guidelines of the RIVM. Should the situation change, students and staff will be updated as soon as possible.

No large-scale student introductions in August and September| April 15
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences will not organise large-scale student introductions in August and September due to the corona crisis. This applies to both the study programme introductions and the urban introductions in Maastricht (INKOM), Sittard and Heerlen. The decision was taken in view of the safety and health of all students and the temporary ban on large-scale events, which will probably still apply after 1 June. All those involved, including the Zuyd study programmes and Maastricht University, will be looking for alternatives in order to welcome new students in a fun and creative way and to introduce them to Zuyd, the study programme and the city where they are going to study, such as small-scale or digital introductions.

Students create their own 3D online educational and social hotspot | April 10
It is not surprising that students who specialize in communication and multimedia design have above average creativity and skills in these areas. However, the fact that these skills would come in handy in this corona era with distance learning and social distancing, could not have been foreseen by anyone. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

Student Toneelacademie Maastricht: within one week research project online | April 8
The measures to contain the coronavirus affects everyone. The art sector has hit extra hard by the cancellation of virtually all performances. Graduate David Westera of the Toneelacademie also had to deal with setbacks due to the coronavirus measures. However, he didn't sit back and relax, but used his inventiveness to turn this disadvantage into an advantage. Read more in the news item [in Dutch]. 

Poems of consolation by Toneelacademie students on Radio 4 | April 3
The cancellation of all cultural performances causes headaches in the cultural sector. It is also a great loss for the students of the Toneelacademie, who are mainly prepared to be on stage. Classes now take place online and although this is quite a complicated situation, they make the best of it at the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

In 72 hours towards 300 new protective masks for Zuyderland | April 3
Due to the corona crisis, there is a shortage of protective masks for medical staff. In order to be able to continue to help corona patients safely in the coming period, Zuyderland Medical Centre has issued a request to print out 200 connection pieces "as soon as possible" in 3D. Within 72 hours, Django Goffin from the Engineering Academy of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, together with some partners, had printed more than 300 adapters. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

Education moves from classroom to living room | April 1
Home schooling almost seems like a habit. Last week it already became clear that the lessons will be online at least until June 1st. How does that work now, those online lessons? This is not so easy to explain, because the great diversity of study programmes also makes a big difference in the form and content of the online lessons. A selection from the online activities. Read more in the news item [in Dutch].

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March 2020

Teachers and students of Nursing used in fight against corona | March 30
Teachers and students of the Nursing course at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences are being deployed more intensively in the nursing of corona patients. With this deployment, Zuyd wants to help reduce the pressure on the medical sector as a result of the increase in the number of corona patients.

New questions added about the coronavirus and financial implications | March 27
Consult the 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

Closure of buildings from Monday March 30 | March 26
In order to contribute optimally to the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus and to protect the health of employees as well as possible, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences will close all buildings, with the exception of the Nieuw Eyckholt location in Heerlen, from Monday March 30. Conservatorium Maastricht remains open to a limited number of students and under strict conditions.

Online education until 1 June | March 25
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, together with many other universities and universities of applied science, has today decided to continue providing online education until 1 June. The extension is a consequence of the decision of the Dutch Government that events and gatherings are prohibited until 1 June. Read more in the Dutch news item.

Secondary school graduates still welcome at Zuyd; extra guidance already planned | March 24
Education Minister Slob announced today that the central examinations in secondary education will not take place this school year. The results of the school exams form the basis for obtaining the diploma this school year. The Minister has pointed out on several occasions that this diploma will be a full diploma. Successful graduates in secondary education will continue to be welcome at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

The Minister has taken the decision together with the educational organizations. This decree gives schools more time to complete their school exams. In consultation with the Ministers of Education, the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen, VH) has indicated that the universities of applied sciences are following the decision. Like Zuyd, the VH is of the opinion that attention should be paid to the supervision of prospective students and, more generally, to ensuring a good transition between secondary education and higher professional education.

Attention for guidance of prospective students was already high on Zuyd's agenda. As a result of the Successful Studying programme and as part of the Quality Agreements, new students at Zuyd will receive extra guidance in the coming academic year anyway. Precisely during the first hundred days of their study to improve the transition from secondary education to hbo or from mbo to hbo. This is also in line with Zuyd's strategy in which the development of the student is central.

Read the press release of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science here [in Dutch].

Special assistance for students and staff abroad | March 23.
Students and staff who are abroad and are unable to arrange their return via a travel organisation or airline company can make use of special assistance and register on the website [in Dutch]. For more information, please also visit the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Binding Recommendation to Terminate Studies (BSA) | March 19.
The Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen) have today consulted with the Minister of Education, Culture and Science about national policy. The ministry has requested universities of applied sciences to postpone the binding study advice (BSA) until the next academic year. In principle, universities of applied sciences postpone giving a BSA until the end of the second academic year (academic year 2020-2021).  We will explore the impact of these measures and inform you in soon about the consequences of these measures.

Travel advice sharpened | March 18.
When it comes to travelling to or staying abroad, Zuyd also follows the guidelines of the Dutch government. On 17 March, the government tightened its position with regard to people staying or wanting to travel abroad. Zuyd advises students and employees who are currently still abroad to keep a close eye on developments. Many countries are taking measures that may have consequences for leaving that country. Because countries will be 'locked' for a longer period of time, it is good to consider making use of the departure options that are still available. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this subject.

For prospective students | March 17.

  • If you enrolled for an Experience Day between now and 6 April, you can choose a new date and enroll via the link in the confirmation email you’ve previously received. Some study programs have not yet chosen a new date, but it is possible to enroll for an Experience Day which has no date yet. You will be contacted once a date has been chosen. 
  • At Zuyd, you can enroll in study programs after 1 May. However, in this case you are obligated to participate in a study selection interview. These interviews will still take place, but it’s possible they will be conducted online.
  • If you have received an invitation for a study selection interview, your study program might invite you to conduct the interview online. If not, a new date will be chosen.

Zuyd locations are closed for students | March 16.

  • From 17 March up to and including April 6, all Zuyd locations, including all Zuyd Library locations, will be closed to students.
  • Study programmes are working hard to start up online education. The solutions will differ per programme. Programmes will inform students and staff via Moodle, the Zuydnet group of the programme and/or e-mail. You can also find information about the study programmes on the special information page on zuydnet. If you have any questions, please ask your study programme or send an e-mail to (mention your study programme).

For employees | March 16.

  • All employees must work from home up to and including 6 April. You may only work on location with the permission of your teamleader/manager.
  • If your presence at Zuyd is necessary, take the following precautions: do not shake hands and stay at a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from each other.
  • The buildings are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Except:
    • Conservatorium Maastricht: open from 8.00 to 16.00, annex closed.
    • Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts:
      • 17-20 March: only main building open from 9.00 to 12.00 (for MT members and 2 staff members of the Educational Affairs Office)
      • 23 March - 6 April: closed.

All Zuyd Library locations are closed | March 16.
All Zuyd Library locations are closed to researchers, teachers and other staff. Service takes place online. For employees who run into problems with their research or teaching, offline services are available on request. Please make an appointment via indicating 'Zuyd Library'. Check the Zuyd Library website for service updates.

No shaking hands, avoid social contacts and keep your distance
We ask all students and staff not to shake hands, to avoid social contacts and to keep at least 1.5 meter distance (social distancing). For other measures you can take for yourself and others to prevent infection with the coronavirus, see the frequently asked questions or the RIVM website.

Travelling abroad
Many countries are taking drastic measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. New measures cannot be ruled out, and the situation may change rapidly. That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises all Dutch citizens not to travel abroad from 17 March onwards unless it is necessary. Students and employees of Zuyd are only allowed to travel abroad with the permission of the Board of Governors of Zuyd.

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